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Creative Calverley

Something rather special

Calverley Folk Day

Further details regarding the Folk Day will be posted soon

All are welcome

Calverley Folk Day


Time: 1.00pm


Live bands, featured slots, open mic, singarounds, dance, karifolky, best beard competition and kazoos

Thornhill Arms

Towngate, Calverley

Real music, real ale, real fun

If you are interested in joining in please contact [email protected].com or follow us on twitter @calverleyfolk

The Best Beard Competition

There will be three categories in the competition: best beard, most original beard and best effort.

All are welcome to join in.

If like us you have trouble growing a beard on your own there is a craft project for you!

All you need is some elastic, felt, scissors and ears to hold your brand new facial hair on.

Template is here

If you would like to doodle a beard, there is a fun project here